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A day without a computer? It’s no longer thinkable. Whether it’s a smart phone, a tablet, a PC or a laptop, we can’t work (or play) without them. Nor can we endlessly wait while our technology is being repaired or pay a fortune to a typical retailer for a re-build, upgrade, or replacement.

Whether you need to remove viruses and malware or add memory, you can be assured that the MECT team of Solution Engineers will take care of the challenges you’re having today and help you prevent problems in the future. MECT will optimize your PC/Laptop; install high quality Anti-virus Software; install high quality Anti-malware Software; and install software tools to empower you to clean and optimize your own technology.



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6051 54th Ave N, Kenneth City, FL 33709
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6051 54th Ave N, Kenneth City, FL 33709